Miracle Of Easter

Wow! He’s Risen! I can’t stop proclaiming this truth in my heart! I continue to sing the hymn we sang at the Easter Vigil Mass all day! Christ Has Risen from grave…death has no sting!

The angel told the women be not afraid, Christ has gone to Galilee.  As I ponder on today’s holy Gospel I am reminded that we aren’t to be fearful. God has done what He promised. He rose His son in the third day.  I try to picture myself there in Jerusalem 2000 years ago and I’m almost certain that if I had gone to the tomb to care for the body of my beloved friend I too would have had fear, worry and panic as well if I didn’t find him.  It’s only natural for anyone in that moment of fear and shock to forget a promise that was made.

I need to remember that the person making that promise was not just any person. He was the same person who turned water into wine at the wedding feast in Cana. He was the same person who fed 5000 people with 12 loaves and a few fish.  That promise to Rise from the grave and come back to life was a miracle.

Fast forward to present time and there have been miracles throughout my own life that I’ve witnessed. The miracles I encounter each day. And the huge miracles that draw us from a state of fear and panic to a state of pure joy and thanksgiving, like when my brother overcame and beat leukemia or when my marriage was almost over and by the grace of God we overcame and fought for the love we had.

Maybe you’re still looking for that miracle or perhaps it comes in a way that isn’t what you expected. Just remember that Jesus Christ is with you through it.
This Easter I hope you found miracles. I hope you have already had miracles that you could look back upon where you might have started out fearful but soon enough the promise was remembered. I hope you find miracles in each day.