About Me

Blogger, Business Coach, Success Designer

Hola! Welcome to this little nook of motivation, advice and support.

I write about faith, fashion, food, and ways to boost your creativity so you can build wealth in your business and get off the hamster wheel!

I’ll share my tips and ideas to help and inspire you if you’re stuck in the muck…Why? Because I’ve been there, and I’ve spent the last 3 years scouring the internet to find ways to be more productive and manage it all.  I’ve not always found what I needed so I had to create it on my own.

I only wish I had a resource or toolkit with what helps.  My vision is help people become who they were made to be and help them  save countless hours, sleepless nights and early mornings doing it all from scratch.

About about me, I’m a bilingual latina raised in NYC suburbs who loves to travel, run and get immersed in being the best version of myself. I love learning new technology and am a bit of a geek.