Lent: A Holy Desert for 40 Days

So it’s been a high stress and rough start to my year the last 2 months have brought on some anxiety, some despairing, some more weight gain, and migraines. Most of this for me has been caused by a number of things. Excessive news reading, poor sleeping habits, poor prayer life, and very unhealthy eating and drinking. Since the beginning of the year ¬†my spiritual life has been weakened somewhat. I’ve been feeling physically weak as well. (After 5 weeks of running consistently, I injured myself while attempting to ski and have not run since then as my calf muscle is still strained.)

So being that Lent this year begins this Wednesday March 1st I thought it would be fitting to start over and wipe the dirt off and hone in on taking care of my body and soul. During this Lent I will abstain from not only meat on Fridays but also alcohol, sugar in all forms, soy, legumes, flours, peanuts, and yes, dairy too for the entire 40 days.

Have you ever tried the Whole30 before? Perhaps if you are feeling out of sorts, like me, it’s time to do something about it.

This would be my second time completing a Whole30, my first time was during Lent in 2014 and I rocked it. I lost 10 pounds and felt like an athlete. But this time I want to feel better than an athlete. I want to know that I’ve done all I could to prepare my soul and heart for Jesus Christ. This time along with the Whole30 style of eating, I’m also going to include a daily Lenten devotional, meditation and prayer 🙏 . Also each day I will go outside of my comfort zone and do something good for someone each day. I won’t write about it but I will do it. God is the only one that will see what I’ll do.

*Contrary to what some people think, Lent is NOT about starting a diet. At all. It’s about repenting from our sins, starting OVER and preparing our hearts by reflecting on the LOVE God has for us through prayer, penance, and sacrifice. We reflect constantly on how He could love us so much and bring each of us out of the desert that we sometimes end up in due to the whole sin problem.

Maybe you’re like me and you’re tired of rushing through your prayers and you no longer sit still for a moment then it’s time to unplug rediscover Christ again.

Maybe if, like me, lately you are ending your day with more sadness than happiness in your spirit, it’s time to be a little more selfless and do more for those who are broken and hurting. Because it’s in act of giving that we can fully receive happiness.

Maybe if, like I do, you feel discouraged about the state of this world, it’s time to love your neighbor more. We can be more loving in a world where peace is not found easily but it can start by simply not screaming at someone who cut you off in traffic.

Maybe if, like me, you feel physically sick, exhausted or struggling to feel healthy it’s time to clean “your temple”. Taking care of your body because it’s the home of the Holy Spirit. Proper rest, screen time, exercise and nutrition can at the very least help us feel more balanced and healthy.

I would absolutely love to share this experience with other ladies who currently find themselves in the spiritual desert. Send me a message here if you would like to join me on this journey for what I am calling a Holy40

First Thermomix Recipe 

Hi thanks for stopping by my blog! I just wanted to let you know that I am super excited and happy to start this blog out with my very first Thermomix! 

I first learned about the Thermomix when our family hosted Alejandro from Spain this past summer. His mom had mentioned that she usually prepares all of their dinners in this wonderful machine. I began to research everything about Thermomix but couldn’t find any for sale in the United States. After our visit to Spain this past winter our friends showed us how this lovely machine worked.

This machine did pretty much everything to help prepare fantastic meals. In record time. You can read about everything that the Thermomix will do and all the other kitchen appliances that it can replace. So far I’ve replaced my blender, my food processor my KitchenAid stand mixer. 

So I receive my new my thermal backs the Friday before the Super Bowl and I wanted to make a couple of snacks using it. I wanted to adopt my beloved and popular salsa recipe. Usually I make my salsa in my food processor with the pulse button and several steps Of opening and adding in additional ingredients. However this time I decided to throw all of the ingredients into the Thermomix bowl together and use the setting that I found for chopping onions to create my regular salsa.

Here’s what it looked like! 

Couch to 5k half way there

So I made it to my fourth week of back to running. 4 weeks ago I downloaded the couch to 5K app and re dedicated myself to running. To be totally honest with you it’s been pretty awesome for me to see how far I’ve gotten with my running and now I’m able to get back on board with my endurance. I like that it starts you off with quick intervals and then gradually increases the time you run as you build endurance. For those of you wondering a 5k distance is 5 kilometers which is equal to 3.1 miles. 

My husband decided to do the Couch to 5k and it’s a lot of fun that we both motivate one another. We use the app and make sure we start it at the same time even while he’s traveling he keeps up with it! So glad to be back to running!

Our goal race is on April 1st, it’s a local 5K that our friend is holding for her nonprofit organization Rage Against Addiction! 

Have you ever tried a couch to 5k training program to run a 5k race? It’s a great way to start off slow and ease your way to running a full 5k.