How’s that resolution going so far?

I confess. One of the most compelling reasons I usually don’t make a New Year’s resolution is because I know myself. I lack NYD (New Year Discipline).  I really don’t envy those that do. Afterall, a whopping 64% of the people who resolved to change something are still on track 1 month after! Good for them, right? It’s very inspiring.

However, I decided a long time ago that the time right before Ash Wednesday eve AKA Mardi Gras would be my time to take inventory and work on a resolution. That’s when I specifically find the time to pray and reflect, to make a goal and then resolve to be somehow different than I had been…a step towards better.

I find that there is something about the resurgence of spring. Or because at least here, in the mid-Atlantic we are closer to the end of cold and dark evenings. And the sun lingers a little bit more each day, that makes it time for me to take inventory again. Not only of my current dress size, but of my heart as well.


Come on Spring…you got this

The time before Ash Wednesday, I usually start to hear a little bit clearer to what God is asking me, and I get a deeper sense of His work, His mission. His humanity and divinity all in one. I get a sense of His resolve and His obedience to the Plan.  And this really urges me to want to do the same.


Ashes used for Ash Wednesday Mass. I really hope Fr. does a nice neat cross on my forehead.

Ash Wednesday, 10 February 2016 marks the beginning of the Church’s Holy season called Lent. For many Christians it is a time of abstinence, fasting, prayer and charitable actions. When I came back to the Church a few years ago, I found this to be a time of self-denial, giving more of myself outward, turning my cheek and purging an attitude that has hindered my relationship with God.

Throughout Lent I usually try to eliminate what has distracted me from my relationship with God. One year I turned off my Facebook account, another year I completely gave up watching television and listening to the radio. I use that time to focus more on others and less on myself.

Throughout this Lent I hope to take a deeper look at what needs to be different in my heart and what needs to be different in my soul. I will call on God for help in figuring out what I need to change and then doing it. I will make my resolution now and carry it with me beyond Easter Sunday. I’m not alone in this either. I know that Jesus Christ already walked, fell, got back up not just once, or twice, but three times as He carried the cross on this journey to Calvary. I know He will walk with me during this season and I look forward to the difference this Holy season will make in my heart and soul.

Are you planning to give something up or give more of yourself?