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Loving Jesus + Living in  Grace

Hola! Welcome to this little nook of motivation, advice and support.

I write about faith, fashion, food, and ways to boost your digital creativity to kickstart your business or simple tips to boost your side hustle!

I’ll share my tips and ideas to help you get started or inspire you if you’re stuck in the muck…Why? Because I’ve been there, and I’ve spent the last 3 years scouring the internet to find ways to be more productive and manage it all and I’ve not always found what I needed so I had to create it on my own. I only wish I had a resource or toolkit with what helps.  So this is my vision to put it all here so you don’t need to spend countless hours, sleepless nights and early mornings learning it all!

About about me, I’m a bilingual latina raised in NYC suburbs who loves to travel, run and get immersed in being the best version of myself.

5 Tips To Prepare For Christmas this Advent

Wow, this year Advent started much earlier. Advent started on 1 December which happened to be the first Sunday AFTER the Thanksgiving Day holiday. Honestly, since it was so soon after Thanksgiving, it really caught me off guard. As we are still in the first week of...

My 2018 Whole30 Journey

Hi everyone! I have not kept up with this blog and I am truly sorry! So much has happened over the last year since I started this blog, my attention was shall I say scattered and honestly, I’m so ready to dive in and get 2018 started off strong and positive. As of today, I’m on DAY […]

7 Ways to Stay Focused (at the office, school or home)

We’ve all been there. We have a list as long as the length of a full marathon with items, tasks, important things that need to be handled because that project deadline at school, work, or even at home if you are your own boss, is inching its way closer and faster than you can say […]

Miracle Of Easter

Wow! He’s Risen! I can’t stop proclaiming this truth in my heart! I continue to sing the hymn we sang at the Easter Vigil Mass all day! Christ Has Risen from grave…death has no sting! The angel told the women be not afraid, Christ has gone to Galilee.  As I ponder on today’s holy Gospel […]

Lent: A Holy Desert for 40 Days

So it’s been a high stress and rough start to my year the last 2 months have brought on some anxiety, some despairing, some more weight gain, and migraines. Most of this for me has been caused by a number of things. Excessive news reading, poor sleeping habits, poor prayer life, and very unhealthy eating […]

First Thermomix Recipe 

Hi thanks for stopping by my blog! I just wanted to let you know that I am super excited and happy to start this blog out with my very first Thermomix!  I first learned about the Thermomix when our family hosted Alejandro from Spain this past summer. His mom had mentioned that she usually prepares […]

Couch to 5k half way there

So I made it to my fourth week of back to running. 4 weeks ago I downloaded the couch to 5K app and re dedicated myself to running. To be totally honest with you it’s been pretty awesome for me to see how far I’ve gotten with my running and now I’m able to get […]


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